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Is Your UCaaS Platform Truly Unified?

A journey from UCaaS to trUCaaS Evolution of UCaas to trUCaas TrUCaaS: The Future of Communications

UCaaS’s value can go up to $79.3 billion by 2024. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is paving the way for the ultimate DIY communications stack in an environment where communication tools are as dynamic and adaptable as the people they serve.

With more and more platforms declaring themselves as a unified platform, the need of the hour is to know which platform best caters to the needs of an individual. Many platforms claim to be unified platforms but lack some basic things that a truly unified communications platform would include.

We live in a technology-driven world, one that the digital revolution has shaped. The past years have seen tremendous growth in the field of Technology. New emerging technologies have helped in making the lives of people much easier. The latest technological advancements have significantly impacted every aspect of human life. Past years have witnessed a paradigm shift from in-human interaction to virtual interaction.

What Is a Unified Communications Platform?


A Unified Communications Platform offers video, audio, and messaging facilities in a single interface. Unified communications solutions enable the many ways that contemporary organizations operate by simplifying the network and connecting employees through multiple channels and collaboration tools seamlessly. Because today’s workforce is so scattered, unified communications is a must-have for any company looking to boost productivity, cut expenses, and improve the user experience.

Unified communications, according to Gartner, “enable and combine numerous business communications channels, such as phone, video, personal and team messaging, voicemail, and content sharing.” Control, administration, and integration of various channels are all examples of what this might entail. Networks and systems, IT business applications, and, in certain circumstances, consumer apps and devices, may all be linked with UC products.”

Ever since the pandemic, all the work has been done online. In the absence of a work-from-office, an in-house meeting is not possible. All the tasks, from meeting to messaging, are done online. This phenomenon has forced each one of us to use an increasing number of platforms for work. Zoom or Google Meet for a team meeting, slack for messaging, and Gmail for mailing have created chaos amongst the people. One has to hop on from one platform to another abruptly to pace up with the work.

Cloud-based Unified Communications Platform can solve all the above problems. Now, you don’t have to hang up a call if you wish to share your screen; you can simply share your screen to show the customer your product.


According to Statista, the size of the unified communications market in the United States will be increasing drastically from 2014 to 2024.

These statistics show how the UCaaS market has shown tremendous growth in the past years. The growing use of video conferencing and video communications practices is one of the key reasons driving the development of the worldwide unified communications as a service market. Clients may use video conferencing to establish healthy relationship ties and make better-informed decisions during conferences and meetings.

There is rapid adoption of video conferencing and communication services provided by businesses like Zoom Video Communications, Inc, Cisco Systems, Inc, and others. For example, Zoom Video Communications, Inc. forecasted an 88 percent increase in 2020, indicating the growing demand for video conferencing solutions among businesses.

Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a UCaaS Platform?

Choosing the right UCaaS Platform might be a challenging task. Before doing this, you must first identify your needs and requirements, and accordingly, choose one that has all the features your business demands.


  • Does the platform offer a Secure Migration Process?

It’s not as simple as turning on a switch and starting to use your new UCaaS system. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a supplier that can help you through the transition—one who has a well-defined protocol in place. This migration to a new UCaaS can be daunting. Therefore, one must check what services the potential UCaaS supplier gives to help your organization with the migration? Are any options offered, or will you have to switch to their services on your own?

  • Check whether the company has enterprise grade-services

There are a lot of firms that claim to provide enterprise-level services. Many of them, however, are unable to meet the expectations of corporate clients.
To determine whether firms can handle high traffic volumes, inquire about their security, scalability, and quality control.

The more a provider’s control over the network via which their services are delivered, the better. An ideal provider will prioritize calls and other time-sensitive forms of communication above less critical data since they will have complete control over the infrastructure.
All of these elements work together to improve security and save IT costs.

●     Does your solution allow for any third-party integration?

The unified communications ecosystem is constantly moving and evolving. Businesses rely on their numerous services to collaborate to complete their responsibilities.
It’s critical to find out if a UCaaS provider allows connections with other essential business apps.

Most UCaaS providers utilize systems that are easy to integrate, but you should double-check that the integrations you want are available. Are they prepared to work with you to allow such integration if they don’t provide them?

UCaaS to trUCaaS


 The above pie chart shows the market share of the leading UCaaS Software in 2021. Here, Zoom has a startling 63% share, followed by Microsoft Teams with 27%, while the rest of the platforms like RingCentral, Amazon Chime, Fuze, 8×8, and Cisco have 3% or fewer shares.

Since all these platforms have helped make our work easier, and the growth in the UCaaS market is huge, people have started shifting to these and relying on them for their tasks.

Having started in 1993, it has transformed into a genuinely different platform. There is a significant potential to simplify the way we communicate instead of the disconnected work experience. Only by processing all interactions through the same technology stack will we reap the benefits of smooth transitions and improved analytics. Therefore, we need to transition to a new development phase. The UCaaS platforms cannot fully take over all the tasks of a business or an individual. It is therefore essential to have a platform that genuinely caters to the needs of people.

The journey from UCaaS to trUCaas( truly Unified Communications as a Service) may not be easy but will be an increasingly beneficial platform for many businesses.


With the rapid advancement of technology, it is simple to predict how our lives will be influenced in the near future. Since the pandemic, the use of various platforms such as Zoom, and Microsoft Teams has increased greatly. However, there is currently no such platform that is fully united. Many improvements must be made to these systems before they can be termed completely united.

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