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Are You Working From Home? Welcome to a Virtual World for F2F Meetings

Telemo: Join Anywhere, On Any Device. Built For Modern Teams!

Online video conferencing and interactive online meetings are crucial to making people feel like a part of the team, irrespective of where they are located across the globe. Telemo an enterprise cloud communication platform with AI-powered offers successful virtual meetings that provide high – quality audio, video, and screen sharing for your remote employees that help maintain efficiency and collaboration, making it easy to discuss action items with colleagues, business partners, project teams and customers.

Key Features: Trustworthy Video Conferencing & Improved Collaboration

Screen & Application Sharing: Presenters can share their whole desktop screen or application to participants during the call.

Meeting Scheduling: It gives a great video conferencing platform that allows you to schedule and hold a video conference meeting.

Live Call Recording: Telemo offers live recording locally or on a cloud that helps an enterprise to host live meetings and record for further references.

Large Room and Webinar: Telemo sessions can be expanded to allow a large number of groups, up to 100 participants in large rooms or 5000 viewers via telemo webinars.

Mobile Devices: Feature-rich mobile application for iOS and Android.

Audio-Video Calls & Conferencing: It is designed to bring people together. Easy-To-Use scalable audio, web, and video conferencing solutions that offer best-in-class cloud-based conferencing experience. Have advanced features such as push notification, DTMF dial, multi-party call conference, and roaming enabled.

Rich Quality: Quality scores 40% higher than the competition. Whether you’re on great wifi, home wifi, or LTE, you can set up seamless video calls in a few seconds.

Browser to GSM Call: It ensures that you will enjoy a high success rate with respect to the browser to a gsm call.

Call any Platform: Telemo offers a call to any platform feature like a browser to gsm, browser to mobile.

Easily Switch Audio to Video: It allows you to switch audio mode during a meeting and vice-versa.

Online conferencing or virtual meetings may be a normal part of a team’s everyday workflow, but how to make them maximally efficient can be a bit of a head-scratcher: Learn more from StarTele Logic’s cloud telephony services and solutions about how Telemo can help your workforce stay productive while working from home during the COVID-19 outbreakSign Up Now!


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