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Cloud Telephony is a technology referred to as hosted telephony that runs through your internet connection. It is a technology that takes your business phone system to the cloud. It provides a faster, more scalable, and more streamlined way of communicating within the company and with clients. Cloud telephony streamlines business communications and scales with your company. Whether you’re opening up new headquarters or continuing to expand your in-house team members, cloud telephony will make the task simple and affordable. Cloud telephony assists in breaking down the barriers that ordinary telephone systems have. You will not only move your phone calls to the cloud with cloud telephony, but you will also connect them with your video meetings, instant messaging, CRM, and business processes across the board.

Ranges of Cloud Telephony Services

Audio/Video Conferencing

Communication plays an essential role in the development of one company. Nowadays, more and more corporate companies and organizations are willing to adopt a variety of new technologies in order to produce effective and efficient communication. Read More webrtc

WebRTC App Development

WebRTC is the latest technology in peer-to-peer or multiparty communication through web and mobile applications. Requiring no external software, having WebRTC-based applications let your business incorporate features like text, voice, and video calling directly into your applications. Read More secure-collaboration solution

Secure Collaboration Solution

Online collaborations are an essential part of office routines, especially as more and more work is being done digitally. Whether it is to share casual content or sensitive files, cloud platforms are the mainstay for communicating information between coworkers or clients.Read More

Secure Video Calling Solution

There is an ocean of video calling apps today that focus on providing a consistently high-quality experience. What a lot of these apps overlook is the security aspect. Having a safe and secure way of communicating is essential at an enterprise level as you might be sharing confidential information. Read More voip-billing- solutuon

VoIP Billing Software Solutions

Voice over Internet Protocol Billing service lets your business handle every step at the billing end with great ease. You can manage and organize billing processes through automated software. Read More click-to-call- software

Click to Call Software

It is a very simple, yet powerful feature where your customers can call you directly through the website. All they need is a steady internet connection. Read more Contact Center Solutions

Cloud Contact Center

A cloud contact center takes your traditional contact center and puts its entire services and database on the cloud. It shrinks the infrastructure and speeds up operations making for a very efficient way to run a business. Read More free-switch


A free and open-source application server, FreeSWITCH is used to design communication projects like PBX, videoconferencing, chatboxes, etc. Read More

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