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APIs vs Webhooks: Which Is Better for Your Business?

What is an API?

An application programming interface (API) is a connection between computers or between computer programs. It is a type of software interface, that offers a service to other pieces of software. A document or standard that describes how to build or use such a connection or interface is called an API specification. A computer system that meets this standard is said to implement or expose an API. The term API may refer either to the specification or to the implementation.

What is Webhook?

A Webhook in Web Development is a method of augmenting or altering the behavior of a web page or web application with custom callbacks. These callbacks may be maintained, modified, and managed by third-party users and developers who may not necessarily be affiliated with the originating website or application.

To help you gain a better understanding this article answers two key questions: What’s the main difference between APIs and webhooks and how does each affect your business and operations?

APIs and webhooks both enable different software systems to communicate and share data. As software applications become more interconnected, developers must understand the differences between these two methods of data sharing and choose the tool that best meets the needs of the task at hand.

APIs are needed to bring applications together to perform a designed function built around sharing data and executing pre-defined processes. They work as the middle man, allowing developers to build new programmatic interactions between the various applications people and businesses use on a daily basis daily. Whereas Webhooks help you save time because they communicate with other applications to alternate processes. They notify your customer relationship management (CRM) software when a customer subscribes.

How does API Benefit your business?

APIs, or application program interfaces, are vital tools for businesses in all industries. The importance of APIs from a technical standpoint, they allow the capabilities of one computer program to be used by another. They are a means by which two different programs are able to communicate. 

APIs enable companies to grow their businesses more quickly than ever before and represent an answer for the organizations that are currently spending more than $590 billion per year integrating disparate systems. Major tech players like Google, Amazon, and Twitter create their own APIs to ease developers’ lives. Moreover, some companies like startelelogic and Telemo build their businesses around offering a wide range of APIs for different needs.

How does Webhook Benefit your business?

Webhooks allow you to integrate your eCommerce Platform with any other system without involving developers, engineers, QAs – you may set up workflows triggered by a webhook using no-code platforms such as Zapier, Celigo,, and others. With webhooks, you can automate many of your marketing tasks.Webhooks can automate tasks such as order notifications, shipping updates etc.


To create a system that communicates and receives the right data at the right time, it is essential to use both webhooks and APIs. Webhooks complement API-based integration to deliver more feature-rich applications, resulting in better user experiences and workflow optimization.

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