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Meet the coding language of the new-age, Golang.

Our world is an ever-evolving one that thrives on efficiency and simplicity. Add to that faster work pace, security, and modernity, and you have Golang or Go, as it is more commonly known, standing out from its fellow languages.

Get to know Golang

Golang is an open-source programming language that originated in 2007 from the brilliant minds of Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson at Google. In an era of multicore, networked machines, and large codebases, Google-employed languages at the time were faced with criticism. They had high-performance networking and multiprocessing, static typing and run-efficiency, and readability and usability, but no one language had them all. Thus, GoLang was born.

Golang doesn’t just have the edge, it’s also cutting-edge

Golang continues to build the present and also anticipates the future. It keeps in mind the high-powered modern hardware and computing problems. It is open-sourced, which means Golang developers or gophers from anywhere can detect the bug, fix it, and even keep the language up-to-date with the coming times.

Golang is clean, simply structured, and faster than the likes of Java and Python, and its text-based workflow, along with a simple design, makes it much cheaper to maintain.

The language also has added safety with its Garbage Collector feature, and built-in testing to make the testing process smoother and time-friendly.

Being a cross-platform language, it is familiar with multiple OS’s like Windows, Linux, IOS, Unix, and BDS, complying well with their guidelines. Development and handling complex tasks are easy with Golang.

Golang gains acceptance from big companies 

With its roots in Google, isn’t devoid of any credibility. In fact, some of the world’s biggest companies employ Golang for performing various tasks across different verticals. Just to list a few:












And many more

Golang support in India

Given the popularity of the language, has made its presence known in India. From Delhi to Bangalore, many enterprises have emerged in a short period, offering both web and mobile support for both onshore and offshore requirements.

Leading the way for services, Startele Logic stands at the helm of this industry. Startele Logic ensures the success and the growth of business with a dedicated team of talented developers who always like to stay trendy with the latest developments and frameworks in the tech world.

If assistance with project timelines from Golang experts in an efficient way is what you need, Startele Logic is your dream. With a motto of satisfying the customer while keeping transparency with each project, Startele Logic recommends a tailor-made engagement mode for each client, depending on their needs. 

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