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Your Business Needs a Golang’s microservices. Here’s Why?

For any modern business to thrive in today’s digital-centric world, a reliable web or mobile application is a must for enterprises. It makes for an incredibly efficient and convenient way to conduct business houses from anywhere, anytime and applications allow enterprises to reach their consumers to the place they spend most of their hours and it, therefore, benefits to have a fast and dynamic application on Go based microservices.

Ever since its conception in 2011, Golang or Go has become one of the most developer-friendly programming languages in the world today. It’s incredibly time-saving, easy-to-learn, and simple to write large projects.

It consistently fares better than competitive languages and many businesses are starting to realise this.

Those Who Have Golang Love It

Golang has already been adopted by a number of global brands and is only continuing to grow. It has seen only positive reaction at the likes of Google, Uber, Twitch, Soundcloud, Dropbox, and many more. Companies aren’t moving towards Go because other languages are getting outdated. Go is simply so much handier than traditional languages, save more time, and is more cost-effective, that using it for complex tasks has become an obvious choice.

With the stable architectural design of web applications, microservices or APIs have been a successful new trend in architecting the enterprise application landscape.

Along with the evolution in application architecture, transport method protocols, such as REST APIs and gRPC are getting faster in efficiency and reliability to manage business-critical applications.

Also, docker and containerizing microservice applications help greatly in agile development and fast and customer-centric delivery.

It saves time and money

Golang was specifically designed to make coding simple and fast. It has a small book of specifications which makes it easy to learn, it’s cross-platformed to work on Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc, and the projects are broken down into components. All of these make collaboration between teams possible and decreases the time it takes to write an application.

Because of its use of virtual DOMs and lack of dependencies, Golang has one of the fastest compilations speeds of all the programming languages today. More so than Java, Python, or Ruby.

Go is safe and reliable

Having a simple and rustic interface gives developers to write clean and effective code with more attention. The code is also transparent, so the developers know exactly what’s going on instead of having to manually sift through errors after the compilation.

One of the stand-out features of Golang is the Garbage Collector. It’s a built-in tool to automatically collect wasteful resources in the code and greatly improve the performance of the application. Golang also has rigorous testing at the compilation stage, thus, the application is quite reliable.

Puts scalability on a pedestal

There are a lot of variables a business has to take into account before developing an application. Room has to be left for any future third-party additions or increasing the capability of the software to handle more traffic.

Golang has built-in concurrency which structures the project into multiple channels as opposed to heavy threads and add to that high-quality standard libraries and Go applications become easier to grow in any given direction.

Go is for the present and the future

Being a young language in a tech-transitional period has its own advantages. Even though Go has had to uproot conventional languages, it did it by providing compatibility with the innovations of future.

Golang APIs are not just smoothly on current platforms, it takes into account high-powered hardware and growing internet speed. It is one of the few languages that can handle cloud-based platforms and can be incorporated into the Internet of Things.

StarTele Logic has been work on large product development and migration from legacy systems to modern Golang based microservices to the cloud and experienced high speed and reliability of the platforms to manage large traffics such as transactions per second more than 10000 TPS.

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