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Here’s why you should develop your next mobile app with Golang

There is a reason why we are witnessing a plethora of new Mobile Applications every day. That’s because mobile is the most used platform in the world today. Almost every single person around you is packing a smartphone in their pockets. This tsunami of devices makes for a vast, accessible platform that business can present their services to any corner of the planet.

So, seeing as how essential mobile applications have become, it begs the question, how do you develop powerful applications efficiently? The answer just might be Golang or Go.

Compared to giants like Java, Python, and C++, Go is a fairly young programming language. Its origins can be traced back to Google to as recently as 2007, where it was conceived for one big purpose. To make software development simple, efficient, and reliable. Go has an easy learning curve, is statically written, and more than anything, has a fast compiler, which makes it cheaper to develop apps.

Let’s take a further look at why Go is great for mobile applications.

  • Easier cross-compilation

Go is a native language, allowing you to execute a binary for any OS from any OS. All it takes is a simple gobuild command for the specific architecture. Since Go supports several platforms from Linux, Windows, Mac to Javascript, Android, and Solaris, it’s ideal for developing an app that will run well on pretty much all relevant platforms.

  • Addresses concurrency and parallelism

Instead of using threads as Java does, Go employs Goroutines, which are much lighter and store no overhead memory. They are executed independently and simultaneously and stay in sync with other Goroutines through conduits called channels. By doing this, not only does Go solve concurrency but also parallelism. Apps Developed in Go are much more scalable without too much effort.

  • It’s a jack of all trades

Go is exceptional for a range of functions for both back-end and front-end. Many companies are using Go for building APIs, CLIs, and Web Development. It is also one of the few languages which support cloud computing and machine learning. Adding all of this to the fact that it’s open-sourced and statically-typed, Go makes it possible to code the entire project in just one language as opposed to deploying multiple languages. It’s a time and money-saver.

  • Built-in Frameworks

Regardless of the size of the project, the value of a framework cannot be stated enough. Go offers a rich library of built-in frameworks for APIs, web development, and many more. Go already offers static and interface types, making life easier for programmers. Now, as rumours have it, Go might add generic frameworks to its library.

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