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Why Go for Go to Build Server-side Applications

  • Go just might be one of the more dynamic languages to come out in past twenty years. It’s simple, fast, and reliable, and seems to be growing continuously as the years go by. Even though Go is an incredibly versatile language with its usage across many sectors and for various functions, it was created with one important thing in mind. To perfect Backend Development, including server-side applications.

So naturally, when a developer is contemplating what language to use for a server-side application, Go becomes an ideal choice. Let’s take a deeper look at what makes it a beloved language for server-side applications.

The almighty Goroutines

Go’s one of the big selling points is its incorporation of Goroutines. While most languages use threads, Go has Goroutines, which are much lighter, faster, and cheaper than threads. This is because Goroutines have no overhead memory.

Goroutines make handling concurrency easier as they communicate and stay in sync with each other through channels. According to Rob Pike, co-founder of Go, concurrency is about dealing with lots of things at once while parallelism is about doing lots of things at once. Since Goroutines are mere KBs in size and can grow or shrink according to need, applications written in Go are extremely scalable.

Go was also built to handle modern computing systems. Thus, through Goroutines, Go is great for multi-processing. This makes collaboration and saving data optimal on a project.

Open-source language with a big community

Go is an open-source language, which means, there is no additional software to be downloaded or any licensing to be purchased before using the language for your application. This makes it a cheaper option for both small and large applications.

Also, the Gopher community, as Go developers like to call themselves, has been consistently growing for years now. Go runs a helpful blog, targeting a range of areas within Go. There is also a big Go presence on Stack Overflow, GitHub, and Reddit that even if you do get stuck on a problem, finding a solution should not be too much of a problem.

Fast, clean, and efficient code

One of the reasons why Go was created in the first place was because its creators wanted complex coding simplified. Go is easy to learn and has a simple design, making it a pleasant experience for developers to write the code.

Go’s compiler is one of the fastest in the world today, much more than that of its competitors, Java and Python. This feature is courtesy of Goroutines and a virtual ROM. Assembling and sourcing the code is lightning fast, saving a lot of time and resources for everyone.

Another couple of handy tools that Go has are Golint and Garbage Collector. Golint scans and memorises the written code and sets a standard for the code to be written in. It scans entire classes of bugs as well. Any code written further is, then, written to a certain standard. On the other hand, the Garbage Collector tool collects excess code and dumps it. In addition to reducing the executable file size, it also results in a much cleaner code overall.

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