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Venture into Mobile VoIP Business

How to start a Mobile VoIP Business

The rapid growth of Mobile VoIP in the recent years has attracted a lot of investors and entrepreneurs, it is estimated that the industry will grow manifold in the years to come.

There are certain infrastructure necessities in order to start a VoIP business besides the sales & marketing setup. Discussed below are key prerequisites towards planning a mobile VoIP business:

Set up requisite VoIP hardware and software infrastructure

Billing & Softswitch

One of the most vital components for managing and handling all transactions, customer records, routes call, invoicing and reporting in a VoIP business is the Softswitch which, in various specifications are available, predominantly demarcated by the simultaneous connects it can handle viz. – one which caters upto 1000 simultaneous calls or the one that is designed to handle upto 400 simultaneous calls. Besides simultaneous calls, others specs include steadiness, reliability, security, convenience of upgrade and expansion, call connection & routing efficacy, etc..

Usually, the Softswitches are offered with billing feature, which if not available requires additional capital in an external billing software. However, it is better to go for Softswitches that has integrated billing functionality in order to ensure hassle-free business transactions.

Tunneling & Bandwidth Optimization

Bandwidth optimizing module is mainly required for catering to customers with unstable/variable speed internet connection. Tunneling module facilitates offering services in regions with firewall & VoIP call restriction. The feature is setup at the service provider’s end to provide superior calling experience to users in low as well as high-bandwidth connections.

Server & Hosting

Software setup for VoIP calling requires high-end servers hosted on Internet Data Centers that provides uninterrupted service availability. Servers may be leased from any provider globally, preferably hosted closest to the area of business/use and the offered service quality.

Mobile VoIP Apps

For providing retail VoIP calling services, customers need a medium/application to initiate calls. Given below is the list of mediums which may be offered to retail VoIP customers for call initiation-

  • Mobile Dialer – Customers can download and use native mobile apps on different platforms for making calls. Enterprise users may also be offered co-branded apps for corporate experience.
  • PC Dialer – This software application is offered for catering to users who find it convenient to make calls from their PC; the application is downloaded and installed on the PC and user can login & make calls to desired numbers as per opted plan.
  • Calling Card – The calling card facilitates serving retail users who do not have internet connection but wish to avail VoIP services. This would work through a Direct Inward Dial or local phone number on which the customers would dial to greet them via IVR and prompt them to enter their desired destination number and thus make call.
  • Call Shop – Call shop feature is typically necessary for offering business in multiple countries for customers to visit call shops and place cheap long distance calls. These call shops cater to multiple users and ensure customer segregation and billing for their usage.

Payment-gateway support enabled website

The VoIP business involves servicing prospective clients located across the globe. This necessitates the need of providing proficient services to users in all parts of the world. Running successful VoIP businesses thus require a payment gateway enabled website which supports payment via Credit Cards, Debit Card, PayPal etc. in order to enable the clients pay conveniently for using the services.

Aligning Terminating Carriers

Terminating calls to retail as well as to wholesale business clients requires linking with various carriers offering/supporting different termination destinations across the globe. More the number of carriers which you link with, better it are in terms of tariffs and destinations as well as in quality.

Let us consider an example of call termination to Australia, linking with more carriers will give a choice of comparing and selecting based on their reputation, rates and quality of service during pre-linking tests. Termination cost is the key variable charge by VoIP operators and it therefore requires meticulous planning in selecting and maintaining financials with the carriers.


Venturing and sustaining in retail or enterprise VoIP business necessitates customer acquisition and also offering reasonable tariffs and uncompromised service quality. In terms of maintaining quality of services, two important parameters will be your infrastructure quality and quality of terminating carriers – so please make sure that you choose the right ones.

Customer Support

To run a successful VoIP business besides call quality & rates, good customer-support is a key element for addressing and resolving customer issues. Depending on the target/catered market, support timings (preferably 24×7) are offered for customers to connect with in case of any query, issue, or service interruption. Our 24×7 support services are a preferred choice of VoIP businesses towards offering world-class services to customers. They can thus focus on other important aspects of the business while our user-centric support system enables logging & tracking of support tickets from opening to resolution in line with the Service Level Agreement.

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