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GitHub Launches its Own Mobile App with Improved Features

The techie world right now is curious about the latest app launched by GitHub.

This was quite a news in itself as being founded in 2008 and claiming the position of one of the most popular software development platforms, it had been acquired by Microsoft for $7.5B last year. In fact, it ensured several features and functionalities for developers last year, which in turn would help them to code and interact with its supporting community.

But, now it’s time for the entry into the domain of mobile development.

At its recently held annual universe conference, GitHub made announcements about a host of new products. However, the most prominent ones, that would be of much use to the iPhone app development company were its first native mobile app, exclusively meant for the iOS and an improved form of notification experience.

Going back to the mobile app, which is now in its beta stage for iOS, and waiting for the Android support to arrive soon, promises the list of the basic features expected from a mobile app like this. The app-building team primarily decided to focus entirely on the kind of mobile use cases that would be most obvious for a developer. Users would be able to share the feedback on discussions, evaluation of lines of code and put in changes.

However, this should not be used as a tool that is supposed to give a ditto copy of the full GitHub experience. This app is built so that it would automatically adapt to differing screen sizes, including a dark mode that would change as per the changes in the system settings.

Regarding this Tablet experience, GitHub SVP of Product Shanku Niyogi, explained in a blog post, “The entire idea behind this was to improve the experience in a less complicated environment. Apart from the mobile devices, it is also applicable for usage during the times when you are not using the computer.”

Now, comes the second most important notification i.e. improved user experience. Here, GitHub upgraded its notifications, along with adding features for navigation, search, reviewing code, scheduling reminders, and previewing features.

Kelly Stirman, GitHub VP of Strategy and Product Management, added, “We have taken a huge leap and tried to recreate the entire framework of what notifications should look like.”

This recent list of features and updates is likely to bridge the gap between Microsoft, Apple, and other longtime rivals. With this, it is also indicative of the fact that mobile app developers would now claim another platform to enter the mobile industry and remain in the center stage.

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