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Covid-19 Crisis: How startelelogic Accelerating Digital Communications for Businesses?


During the current Covid-19 lockdown situation, if you are worried about how does this impact on your business and your future, there are several solutions and software aspects (contact-less communication) that all businesses should bear in mind to mitigate risks and cut down on their losses.

startelelogic has been developing a series of new digital communications platforms – as well as redirecting existing ones with secure cloud-based solutions that are highly recommended for the WFH scenario without needing any hardware device.

See how our applications can help your workforce stay productive while WFH during the COVID-19 outbreak and later on (be prepared for the future). Some powerful suggested our solutions are:

1. Enterprise Real-time Messaging Apps: starteleloic has developed various secure messaging apps for enterprises, businesses, government, and healthcare sectors. These applications allow your users/customers/teams/clients to send and receive images, text, video, audio, screen & file sharing, with one-to-one and multi-party. Having all the advanced features such as events creation, meeting scheduling, reminder, private chat, push notification, and more features. Most of the largest companies are using a messaging app for collaboration with their teams, clients, and business partners.

 A Quick Review of our Secure Messaging Apps.

 2. Video Conferencing Solutions: Virtual classes, transactions, jobs interview, customer interaction, and business activities all are moving rapidly online via video conferencing calls. We have developed audio-video conferencing solutions like Zoom but our applications are secured as it is having a high encryption method for most secure communication. StarTele develops the robust cloud communications platform for your organization to avoid loopholes and it ensures an integrated response both internally and externally.

Read more about our Audio-Video Calls & Conferencing.

3Telemedicine Solutions: Before the COVID-19 crisis, only a few numbers of health organizations, doctors, and clinics were interested in telemedicine app development services or telehealth solutions for remote consultation with their patients but in the last few days, the demand has increased rapidly. We have developed a secure digital platform for healthcare that allows one-to-one as well as multi-party audio/video and text communication to various doctors and patients without compromising the quality of the health services. Through this collaboration, we help you to treat patients at home via remote video consultation, screen sharing, file transfer, virtual waiting rooms, video recording, appointments, online payments, online prescription, and medicine delivery services. Our telemedicine patient-doctor portal/app with HIPAA compliant made on iOS, Android platform, and web browser.

 4. Cloud-based Contact Center Solutions: In view of the current COVID-19 pandemic, now customer calls support services from home can be availed using‘s SmartPBX. Our telephony platform offers integrated communication solutions and APIs (CPaaS and collaboration platform) and we have successfully deployed solutions such as Callback, Call Bridging, ILD telephony, OBD, and Bulk communication campaigns, IVR, Dialers, Call center solutions with hybrid rules and more. It is a perfect solution for call centers or businesses that want innovative phone solutions with zero investment in infrastructure while working from home.

 5. AI Solutions: Industrial revolution 4.0. Emerging technology artificial intelligence would definitely replace the majority of the jobs which consist of ‘repetitive’ and ‘manual’ tasks. Talking of present situations, as an example, grocery store owners will look out for automated self-checkout systems for billing instead of employing human cashiers. Bots and AI will be the game-changer for a customer support job, bookkeeping clerks, location store-based jobs, and many. In the healthcare industry, artificial intelligence can predict and diagnose various diseases in a batter way at a faster rate than their medical professionals, for example, a chatbot or voice bot listens to a patient’s symptoms and health concerns, then guides that patient to the correct care based on its diagnosis. This is how AI is much known for its ability to transform the manner of business operations. startelelogic has developed similar AI applications chatbot and voice bot for customer services with English language support.

Learn more about digital communications solutions from startelelogic and see how can they keep your workflow and collaboration at the right pace and keep your productivity high during the COVID-19 crisis.



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