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Barriers for Indian telecom companies and their stand

High speed and uninterrupted supply of Internet is the backbone of any Unified Communication solution.

Inefficient and inadequate Infrastructure is the primary concern of India. Indian telecom companies are not giving predominant consideration towards the infrastructure development. High speed internet is still rare in many tire 2 and 3 cities even though the telecom companies have considerably improved the speed, network, and connectivity in those cities. The primary concern of many telecom companies in India is still resolving infrastructure development and improvement. Once this problem is resolved, the companies are expected to start to offer more efficient Unified Communication solutions to many industry verticals such as health care, education, logistics, supply chain and many more.

The technological advancement of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) enhances the Unified Communication solution segment. However, VOIP is still not legally permitted in India hence the infrastructure is date back to the nineties when compare with mature market.In effect, a huge potential, untapped, and sustainable market is waiting for the Indian telecom companies to explore.

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