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The shift in Trends of Mobile App Development in the Post-COVID World

The world has witnessed a pragmatic shift in the current pandemic times from being motionless to remote. We have seen the shift in the working environment and the traditional office routine. Although it has been a tough time for economies across the globe as the majority of sectors are struggling to cope up with this challenge of isolation, on the other hand, it has paved a new way of exploration and innovation to some of the industries around.

Now, in the mid of these economic hardships, the uncertainties brought on by COVID-19 seem to have reasonably impacted the mobile app development ecosystem.

Besides the ongoing hardships, it won’t be wrong to say that the mobile app development company has been able to retain its strength. It has become possible by bringing solutions to the challenges faced by consumers in day-to-day life. Well that said; now let’s look at some of the interesting trends;

Short Insights on the Emerging Trends

Besides a major hit on the app revenue generation, the app store has been able to retain its growth. As per a revised market forecast published for the period 2020-2024 by the app intelligence firm ‘Sensor Tower‘, the global expenditure on mobile apps is estimated to reach $171 billion by 2024 which is double the figure of 2019 of $85 billion.

Image Credit: Sensor Tower

The forecast also estimates that for the first time the revenue generated from the non-gaming mobile apps may overshadow that of gaming apps by 2024.

Although their lies uncertainties concerning the ongoing situation but every industry sooner or later will get back on track. The above projections may sound strange as to how one industry vertical could gain exponential growth seeing the present ground reality, but how much of these facts come true is a matter of the near future.

Clouds of Uncertainty in the Present Scenario

Since the past few months, we have seen a decline in travel and hospitality apps. According to ‘App Annie‘, people have spent 20% more time using apps in the first quarter of 2020 in comparison with that of 2019.

Image Credit: App Annie

Image Credit: App Annie Image Credit: App Annie

Many times apps have delivered solutions to various issues and challenges faced by the end consumer. Some of the areas where apps have done exceptionally well are industry verticals like work/communication, social media, education, and online shopping. Since we have noticed that daily active users of healthcare apps are declining in South East Asia and India, on the other hand, areas such as North America, Europe, and the Middle East have seen exponential growth during the outbreak.

Apart from it, it’s no wonder to see a rise in the downloads of video conferencing apps given the remote work culture. The huge demand for these video conferencing apps has paved a way for more communication apps to come on the way!

The Top 5 Outshining App Development Trends

We cannot be sure of the post-pandemic trend of the app industry, but there are some of the applications whose graphs may tend to rise for a long. These applications are predicted to outshine even in the industry for a long period:

  • Telemedicine: One of the sectors that have seen tremendous growth is the healthcare sector. To be precise, the e-telehealth applications have seen a multifold hike in their downloads. One of the pioneers in telemedicine app development is startelelogic; it delivers a one-stop solution to meet the needs of end-consumer. Apart from rising online video consultation solutions, gadgets in the form of wearables are finding their way out as they can measure heart rate, temperature, weight, etc. through your cellphone devices.

One of the major concerns is the user’s data privacy during the course of information exchange, hence startelelogic leaves no stone unturned by strictly adhering to the HIPAA guidelines in delivering the healthcare solution.

  • Chatbots: It has become a new trend to embed a Chatbot to the service web page of the website. Seeing the convenience and ease of interaction, it has found a huge rise in its application and development. Various industry verticals such as banking, online shopping, healthcare, and food delivery have incorporated Chatbots to their applications.
  • Education: The current scenario has shifted the learning platforms to digital. Our e-learning solutions are based on strict privacy and security measures to provide smooth communication and information exchange. Our e-learning solution is based on the latest trends such as AI technology to enable a transparent occurrence of the whole process.
  • AR and VR: One of the major goals of technology and innovation is to deliver the best customer experience (CX). The various industry verticals such as eCommerce, real estate, healthcare, automotive industry, etc. are looking forward to adopting this technology to deliver an out-of-the-box user experience.
  • Audio-Video Conferencing: Video conferencing solutions, Telemo is one of the emerging names in the current market. Telemo is an all-in-one video conferencing solution that delivers exceptional CX in the communication sphere. Amongst various stellar solutions catered by startelelogic, Telemo is one of them and it is based on the WebRTC architecture to deliver flawless communication across channels.

The EndNote

Once esteemed banker and politician Sir Nathan Rothschild advised, “Buy when there’s blood in the streets … even if the blood is your own.” It’s one of the golden advices for any businessperson including the app developers in the row. Although their lies silver linings to a down economy, if you stand against all odds and make investments, definitely you’re going to stand for major gains once the market recovers.

With millions of apps, and iPhone App Development companies in the app market has become an overcrowded and competitive space. But the overwhelming news is that it’s still growing. The pandemic has pushed innovation to inculcate ways to create a system where the majority of operations can take place remotely that initially required your physical presence.

The top mobile app development company in India; startelelogic on its behalf is providing solutions to meet the majority of challenges based out of various sectors. Get in touch with us to explore your idea and convert it into a real-life product, we can assure you to meet all your needs and requirements based on our past experiences and learnings.

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