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Why Your Business Should Use AngularJS for Web Applications

Founded at Google, AngularJS has emerged as a staple in front-end web development. The open-source JavaScript framework is a great tool for maximising web apps, particularly single page applications. You can build simple, yet powerful apps that offer a great experience to your users.

As you know, having a good web app is an essential component of conducting online business, especially in an age where most of the world has access to the internet. With so many options that people have at the tip of their fingers, the standards for what makes a great web app have increased. Businesses need apps that will not only meet the expectations of users but also exceed them. AngularJS offers a platform for you to stand out amongst the clutter, which is the reason behind its success.

Let’s take a look at why your next app should be built with the JavaScript framework.

  • Brilliant single-page applications

Not every web app needs to be multi-page, large, and complex project. In fact, most modern web apps are single page applications since SPA serves the needs of a business much better. They are faster, better performing, and keep things light on the server. AngularJS helps build Web Developers powerful apps that perform really well and offer a sleek, simple, but dynamic user interface to elevate user experience to the next level.

  • Seamless Development

AngularJS is very easy to learn for most coders and has a simple interface for developing code. On top of that, the framework has many features like two-way binding, which updates model and view components together, a declarative UI, which reduces the need to tell Angular how to load the app, and an MVU architecture, which saves time as Angular bridges the code between the app’s components on its own. All of this saves time, making for faster web development and deployment.

  • Ease of maintenance

AngularJS offers increased and frequent testability through its in-built self-testing tools. This means that not only will the code be developed bug-free in the first place, but will also be easier to scan once the app is live. The two-way binding makes it less strenuous for developers to update the model and view components individually. Angular does it simultaneously. Also, since AngularJS is well-maintained by Google, and has huge community support, anyone who might get stuck on a problem has an easier time finding a solution.

  • Optimal security

According to Google’s Developer Relations Lead, Stephen Fluin, 90% of Angular applications are behind the firewall. AngularJS secures web API to only allow access to authorised users and gives client-side control to HTML UI elements. It also incorporates context-aware encoding and CSRF protection, which combined with a talented developer can ensure the utmost safety of the web app.

AngularJS has proven its chops time and again as the top-most JavaScript framework for developing single page applications. This is exactly why companies like Netflix, Guardian, PayPal, Upwork, and Google heavily use it for their apps.

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