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AngularJS: The First Choice of Developers to Build Critical Web Applications

Ever since its conception at Google, AngularJS has managed to stand amongst the web development fraternity. The open-source front-end framework is a powerful tool to create responsive web applications, particularly single-page applications. AngularJS makes it an easier, more efficient process to come up with a dynamic and user-friendly SPA while working in the familiar JavaScript territory.

According to Gartner’s JavaScript is a key part of innovative, flexible web apps that meet evolving user expectations and digital business demands. The Angular framework provides technical professionals with a tool to improve the reusability and maintainability of modern web apps.


AngularJS is easy to work on

Angular has the feature of two-way data saving and binding tasks, which need little coding. Plus, the AngularJS framework is also HTML-compatible, unlike JavaScript. This allows developers to create solid interactive UIs as easily as possible and with greater efficiency. The framework really helps uncomplicate complex applications

Increased testability of AngularJS

One of AngularJS’s most significant features is the Dependency Injection, which improves the testing in the framework. Since the components of the project are developed individually, the testing is also done individually. This isolation means a greater scope of collaboration, extensibility, and easy testing. None of which would be possible if the UI is designed as a whole.

Its big community is there to help

Being an offspring of Google, AngularJS has remarkable credibility and community support. It is a widely downloaded JavaScript with a big following on sites like GitHub. What this means is if a developer is stuck, finding solutions will not be too much of a problem. AngularJS developers at Google keep coming up with upgrades in the open-source system, meaning lesser and lesser bugs each time.

Businesses love its security features

However, developers aren’t the only ones impressed by the results of AngularJS. Many small and large enterprises like Netflix, Paypal, the Guardian, and Upwork have already adopted AngularJS for its interactive applications. One big reason is the security aspect of the framework.

A huge part of developing critical applications of businesses is protecting the data. Any breach of either client data or user data is a devastating issue, and therefore, security becomes paramount. Synopsys Principal Security Consultant, in her presentation at Securi-Tay, questioned AngularJS’s security.

AngularJS helps companies avoid these vulnerabilities through a security-heavy ideology. Google’s Developer Relations Lead, Stephen Fluin, says, “90% of Angular applications are behind the firewall.” AngularJS protects applications in two main ways – securing web API so that only authorized users can access them, and giving client-side control access to HTML UI elements.  

Overcoming XSS

Cross-site scripting or XSS is one of the more common methods in which attackers steal user data or induce malware into the application. AngularJS addresses this through in-built input sanitisation and output encoding. The sanitise function automatically treats HTMLs and other values as untrusted and ensures better data safety. Developers can also do this for particular contexts through Strict Contextual Escaping.

AngularJS also employs Content Security Policy, which detects and extinguishes XSS attacks. Another way a developer can avoid XSS is by completely avoiding risky DOM APIs.

HTTP protection of AngularJS

The second security issue that AngularJS may face is on the HTTP level, which can happen on either side of the servers. But these can be anticipated and take care of with the help of the backend team.

You must have heard of cross-site request forgery or, in other words, when a hacker sends a redirection request posing as the genuine webpage, then send malware into the server. AngularJS can help set up an automated authentic token in the cookie and hiding it to prevent foreign spying. With Cross-site script inclusion, Angular allows you to add a non-executable prefix with JSON responses via the HttpClient library.

The AngularJS team at Google is dedicated to keeping AngularJS a top-of-the-line JavaScript framework with regular updates. For developers, it’s an easy-to-learn language with an incredibly friendly workspace. For businesses in need of single-page applications, AngularJS has become the go-to tool given its UI and security benefits.

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