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The rise of ReactJS in modern web app development

With its roots in Facebook, ReactJS has slowly made it as the top pick of front-end developers in designing everything from complex UIs to modern web apps. In its initial days, the JavaScript framework was met with rejection. Many developers were skeptical since it used JavaScript and Markup in one file. However, it did not take long for developers to accommodate the library and over time, ReactJS has become the mainstay of UI in global giants like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Twitter, Uber, etc.

Not just that, ReactJS is also gaining preference to develop modern web apps and games for both Android and iOS. React’s popularity against its competitors Angular and Vue can clearly be seen in this NPM Trend survey. The former has around five times the downloads as the other two.

  • Why the inclination towards ReactJS Technology?

Now that ReactJS is becoming a huge part of web applications development all over the world, people are wondering what is so special about it. After all, there are other JavaScript frameworks out there.

  • Breaking down the code

One big factor in React’s success is that the code is written in component-based arenas. What this means is the developer writes the code for each section, then composed them together for the final result. Having this feature is an efficient way of creating complex UIs without getting mixed up in a cluster of code. And as the components are basically written in JavaScript, it is easy to pass rich data through the app without hurting the DOM.

  • ReactJS is Declarative

ReactJS boasts a virtual DOM which paves the way for a declarative style of writing. Because of this, the written code is much more predictable and easier to debug in case there is an issue. ReactJS also makes incredible interactive UIs without too much headache. Each state in ReactJS has a simple design. Upon rendering a component, ReactJS updates real DOM nodes and exactly the right component whenever there is a data change.

  • Extends to other platforms

As stated earlier, ReactJS is pretty much written like JavaScript. The creators made the language without any assumptions of a developer’s technology stack. Another aspect of ReactJS is its transferability to multiple platforms. For people who are new to React, this makes it easier to learn to sans difficulty. It also allows you to develop new features in an already existing app without the painstaking venture of rewriting current code. ReactJS can also be used to build mobile applications through ReactJS Native or even used on a desktop via Electron, which is supported on both macOS and Windows.

  • Its community cares

As ReactJS is a highly downloaded library, it comes with incredible community support. Facebook shows its dedication towards ReactJS by maintaining blogs and employing full-time ReactJS developers. It is a beloved repository on GitHub where plenty of people may come up with a solution for any query. Although, GitHub isn’t the end of React’s channels. They also extend to Stack Overflow, Reactiflux, DEV Community, Facebook, and Twitter.

Given the credentials ReactJS has been flaunting for the past six years, it is easy to see why it has turned into a web developing beloved. It is fast, performs great, makes a great learning experience in the build-up to JavaScript, and very handy for designing 360° interactive UIs.

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