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Build Powerful Web Apps on ReactJS

Facebook has been a giant in the tech industry thanks to their consistent technological contributions. The company’s one such contribution to the Software Developing community has been their free, open-source front-end JavaScript library, ReactJS. 

Initially released in 2013, React’s primary focus is to develop fast, powerful, and dynamic single-page and mobile applications. It is one of the best options for any programmer to develop a brilliant but simple user interface efficiently. Despite its young age, the framework has managed to stand tall amongst a riot of languages. According to Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021, React.js is the most commonly used web framework today in both layman and professional settings. 

So, rather than going on about React’s popularity, it is better to understand the reason behind it. 

Easier to learn and get going

Compared to the likes of Angular and other JavaScript languages, React is very easy to learn, especially if you have any prior experience with JavaScript frameworks. Much of it can be attributed to the simpler file structure, flexible component model, and shorter dependency list. This makes the React learning curve a steeper and shorter one. 

Once you are finished learning, you’ll find it particularly useful since React is open to the whole technology stack. You won’t need to rewrite existing code and continue to add new features. Developers of all levels find it very friendly to write code using React.

It’s fast. Very fast

Developers around the world can thank the creators of React for using Virtual DOM. It is the main reason why React-based apps perform so well. Any change in a React component first happens in the Virtual DOM, keeping the real one intact. It takes away the process of re-rendering the entire thing repeatedly. 

Also, instead of using server-side rendering, React uses client-side rendering, which is lightning fast. This makes deployment and performance quicker than with many other frameworks. Because of this, many content-based apps choose React for development. 

Builds reliable and rich user interfaces

The importance of a user-friendly interface cannot be understated in a Web/Mobile Application. From a user experience point of view, it is everything. React enables developers to build dynamic user interfaces using encapsulated components.

Its declarative nature also makes the code easy to predict vis-a-vis debug. React comes with Facebook’s JS test runner, Jest that goes through the entire UI seamlessly, without wasting much time. 

Huge community support

A big part of the success and growth of a programming language is the support it gets from its maker and subsequent community. In such a short span, React has managed to become a beloved JS language. It already has the trust and credibility of a tech behemoth like Facebook, along with a dedicated team to work on the language. Now, it also has a mighty presence on Github and Stack Overflow. Plenty of developers have their expertise to share on the platform, making it easier for new developers to learn React. 

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