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Telemedicine: Digitally Breaking the Chain of Conventional Healthcare Practices

Digital transformation in the 21st century is no longer an emerging trend but a reality. Well, you must remember the days where to get a health checkup you would schedule a doctor’s appointment and then wait for hours to get it done! How cumbersome was get those tests done, and impatiently waiting for the test results for days! Thankfully, that’s a bygone era (or at least tending to replace those age-old practices).

The Healthcare sector, unlike other verticals of the industry, is experiencing a huge shift in terms of delivering an out of the box customer experience.

So, if you are also looking to deliver a top-notch customer experience and leave a long-lasting impression through the healthcare services provided by you, digital transformation is the sure-shot key to that. Indeed, technology is helping us to live longer, lead safer, healthier, and more productive lives.

But whether you are from the clan of those techs savvy enthusiasts or a technophobic brooded about these jargons, you need not worry. In the coming sections, we will take you on a journey to showcase how digital transformation is disrupting the healthcare industry with practices such as Telemedicine.

So, we present before you one of the most progressive trends that define the digital transformation process in healthcare, Telemedicine.

Is Telemedicine Virtually Perfect?

Simply Telemedicine can be defined as “Delivery of health care and the exchange of health-care information across distances”. It allows users to communicate and share biomedical data online, with the help of the Internet or a wireless connection (such as a smartphone). We can classify Telemedicine based on:

  • The interaction that takes place between the client and the expert (i.e. real-time or pre-recorded), and

  • The type of information being transmitted (i.e. text, audio, or video).

Now, if we project Telemedicine in terms of statistics, then according to Statista, the number of telehealth patients increased from 1 million to 7 million people over the past three years. 

There exist two conditions under which Telemedicine app development should be considered:

  • When we are left with no alternative (such as emergencies in the remote environment), and

  • When it proves to be better than the existing conventional services (such as teleradiology for rural hospitals).

Hence, taking into account the above factors, we can say that Telemedicine can prove to be successful in delivering a compelling alternative to conventional, acute, and preventive care, and can improve clinical outcomes. And in this industrialized world, we can say that Telemedicine app development solutions will continue to move healthcare delivery from the hospital or clinic into the home.

And the future of this virtually fit industrial revolution will depend on:

  • Human Factors

  • Economics, and

  • Technology

The technological solutions delivered by the top mobile app development company in India and the USA; startelelogic in the Telemedicine app development domain is developed keeping these three pillars in mind. These top-notch products tend to affect change at the individual, organizational, and societal levels.

So, till now you must have an idea of what Telemedicine is, but while implementing technology of this scale, do we encounter any challenges? If Yes! Then, how to overcome those challenges in the most effective way, below we present before you some of the challenges and how we overcome them to meet the needs and requirements of the end-user.

Challenges and Effective Strategies to Overcome them!

Telemedicine is an organic market, and along with innumerable benefits, it also comes with some concerns.

But the great news is; you can overcome these concerns, challenges, hurdles, whatever you name them with an effective planned methodology. And whether to have those planned methodologies or get them executed in the best possible way, you can always get in touch with startelelogic’s (STL’s) experienced developers.

Here are some of the challenges to take into account, and the effective strategies followed by us to overcome them:

Challenge #1: Cost-Effectiveness

As Telemedicine involves physicians and other healthcare providers that are to be reimbursed, later on, it may prove to be problematic to get the total coverage disbursed. In most of the cases of service providers, it is done with several limitations that hamper the working at both the ends.

For example, Medicare fails to reimburse much of the fee involved in the system citing the restrictions involved, and other reasons.

  • These things shortly may lead to provider’s abuse of the healthcare system, or it will lead to overutilization of resources which will scale up the costs.

  • A large number of tech companies that are not fully informed about the healthcare market are getting involved in Telemedicine because they see large financial opportunities.

  • As an outcome of this, many technologies are being developed by the people who are pulled by the potential market of healthcare. They do not understand the applicability of the Telemedicine.

STL’s Strategy to Overcome the Cost Barrier

  • Already said, with the help of planning you can overcome most of the challenges, it is one of them. It is good to have reimbursement plans before proceeding further.

  • We also help in the deployment of a platform that will help you keep track of these expenses with the help of proper documentation.

Challenge #2: Lagging Co-ordination Issues

If the Electronic Health Record (EHR) system is not synchronized with the platform you deliver for Telemedicine services, the whole workflow will lag.

STL’s Strategy to Overcome the Co-ordination Barrier

We ensure the integration of the platform with the EHR system. Through this, you can record the e-visits of your customer, and keep it documented for future references.

Challenge #3: Reachability

If the end-user targeted by you isn’t aware of the Telemedicine services offered by you, may what you build, the services are not going to be used.

It would be a missed opportunity if you fail to make users aware of the stellar services offered by you.

STL’s Strategy to Overcome the Reachability Barrier

  • We not only stop after the development phase we take the responsibility to launch your product and make your word out.

  • We are comprised of the best digital marketing team, and leave no stone unturned in the social media campaigns.

  • We utilize all possible tools such as content marketing, newsletters, social media platforms, or email newsletters.

Challenge #4: The Privacy Paradox

Delivering Telemedicine app development services by the company can be convenient, but at the same time, they open the gateway to security and privacy issues. The data has become a crucial part and accessing the patient data over the internet may lead to several security concerns.

STL’s Strategy to Overcome the Privacy Paradox

  • We adhere to the HIPAA’s privacy and security rules and keep the information gathered in an encrypted format.

  • We make sure that the communication channels remain secure in the course of exchange of messages.

  • You need to get permission from the end user before storing or recording video calls.

Benefits of Telemedicine Solution

Now, we have seen that Telemedicine app development solutions are one of the best fit in the current technical scenario, and the challenges associated with it, also how to overcome them. But what are the long term benefits of using this segment in the healthcare sector?

So, here are some of the benefits that an end-user can avail with the help of Telemedicine app development solution:

  • Nullifies the transportation time

  • Cost-effective

  • Eliminates the child or elder care issue

  • On-Demand options

  • Access from primary to specialist physicians

  • No fear of contamination by physically visiting the hospital

Stellar Features of Telemedicine App Delivered by startelelogic

This technology has seen a surge in the recent past due to the worldwide outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The demand to build a Telemedicine app development solutions has increased rapidly in the recent past. Here are some of the stellar features provided by us that will keep your product stand out from the crowd:

  • We deliver the Telemedicine application for iOS as well as android platforms.

  • Cloud-based medical video conferencing services and solutions with secure file transfer by end-to-end encryption modules and data channeling functions.

  • Upscale video conferencing platforms with real-time messaging, screen sharing, and custom integration of audio and video through WebRTC app development.

  • Secure data sharing in a Point-to-Point (P2P) or group conferencing Telemedicine solution with screen sharing, file transfer mechanics, and recording abilities.

  • A virtual workplace development platform that mirrors your brick and mortar clinic through HIPAA compliant virtual waiting rooms and video recording or streaming abilities to register patient precedence.

Final word: Future of Digital Healthcare

Without any second thought, we can say that Telemedicine is the future of the digital healthcare regime. However, ‘When will Telemedicine become part of the standard of care?’ it would be too early to make a sure shot prediction on that note.

The evolution of the networks, such as the introduction of 5G will provide an enhanced bandwidth to carry out operations. From cutting costs to effectively managing the health, Telemedicine has transformed the healthcare segment of the industry. Enforcement of rigid protocols, such as HIPAA guidelines and various cybersecurity policies tend to prevent unauthorized access.

Hence if you are looking whether to scale up your business or want to make a breakthrough in this vertical, you can get in touch with startelelogic a custom software development company to leverage the highly flexible and customized engagement models. We understand the requirement and needs of various clients and leverage the modern-day wireframe and prototype tools to deliver and implement the best possible solution taking into consideration the end-user.

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