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web services are key blocks for development to get best solutions up and running.

StarTele Logic offers expertise on all major apps & mobility platforms and a variety of latest programming languages and solutions. We leverage various web services for concluding on the best web services and API’s for your business; this comprises management of API services, RESTful as well as SOAP Web Services.

API (Application Programming Interface) is a programming logic interface for two systems to communicate with each other without user knowledge or intervention. API is thus standardized programmatic appeals from one application that have been defined for the system or information being fetched.

There are different types of APIs, viz. Java APIs, or interfaces within classes for communication between objects in Java. Besides, program-centric APIs, there are web APIs like SOAP, RPC and the REST APIs.

APIs can also be classified depending on their application:


These APIs are developed and implemented for solutions within an organization. REST APIs have indeed garnered lot of traction among smaller business enterprises. Owing to various contributing factors and attributes, REST may wrap the SOAP/HTTP or .net services.


The external APIs are predominantly offered to external users and systems. The current scenario shows a growth in trend for external APIs using REST/JSON which offer access and integration capabilities leveraging web services.


Partner APIs are developed for providing partners with access to business logic and functions in reference to business relationship or the partnership. This may include information and services on ordering, reconciliation, online resources and catalog, etc.

API Development

API development facilitates information access to client-side applications by external application or system. The same is also preferable when the system is a fragment of the enterprise setup wherein seamless information flow is essential within the enterprise. Moreover, API development aids client application bundling with mash-up services. Client application monetization prospect may be explored by offering mash-up as a service.

Application development using 3rd party API

STL has utilized different third party API’s and Web-services for developing enterprise solutions, communication applications, as well as custom tools that may be executed on various websites, abridging the development and distribution of these programs. Development of Unified Communication solutions and applications by using Native and Custom API’s has been a key competency for us. STL has experience in customization and implementation using Native and custom API’s for developing solutions based on PJSIP, Linphone, Doubango, OpenSIPs, XMPP, FB, LinkedIn, and many more.. Certain applications require developers to customize APIs for extend functionalities; custom API’s may additionally be developed to achieve the desired workflow.

API Integration

Client Application or system feature and functionality maybe enhanced by integration with other systems via APIs. Some of the API’s integrated by STL team includes-

  • Payment gateway integration for seamless payment or transaction processing
  • Chat API integration for user communication
  • Social Networking API integration

STL offers the right skills & expertise for API development and customization for achieving your business decision and results.

Our experienced team will be happy to offer you best app development services in the industry.
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