Unified Communications

Real-time communication services such as instant messaging, video conferencing, call control with non-real-time communication services.

StarTele logic has the capability and perception to formulate attractive unified communication approaches which streamline business process simply, quick and smoothly.

Unified Communication is the seamless addition of real-time and non real-time communication services through unified user occurrence and user interface across numerous devices and media type. It includes all forms of communication enabled throughout TCP/IP network and other emerging Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC protocols as one-to-one and one-to-many arrangement.

Our Unified Communications Services

We offer unified communication services of the full spectrum—development, mechanism, arrangement, application development, customization, integration, maintain, and managed services.

Ranging from quick rollout to best-fit service, we hold:

  • The competence, vision and outlook to help you develop engaging communication approach
  • The ability to develop and implement robust execution roadmap to streamline communication processes in a vendor agonistic fashion

Our unified communication services make accessible improved and compact complexity by integrate venture applications such as ERP, CRM, Salesforce, etc. along with emails, video conferencing, IM, telephone, mobility and so on.

We facilitate you to

  • Reduce communication costs, and optimize communication investments
  • Facilitate mobile and remote connectivity for employees to communicate
  • Improve mobile and desktop communication and provide single point entrance to various communications applications
  • Offer spontaneous communications tools straight into the user interfaces
  • Provide strategic business communication capabilities
  • Stay in front of the curve in humanizing productivity and rising competitiveness
  • Supply you state-of-the-art and future proof services
  • Formulate customers, employees and suppliers happy and engaged

Our benefit

Our years of experience in VoIP communication solution and a highly unified communication services offer you a collection of business benefits by good quality of its healthy capability, implementation agility and consultative approach and hence facilitate you to:

  • Stay forward of the curvature in humanizing productivity and increasing competitiveness.
  • Make information available and people communicate without impacting their workflow.
  • Facilitate world class mobile solution services and remote connectivity to communicate synchronously.
  • Provide planned business communication capability.

Our experienced team will be happy to offer you best app development services in the industry.
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