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Now, doctors and other healthcare specialists are expanding the latest expertise to deliver instant assistance to patients in a variety of methods, from online appointment setting to full-on effective visits done via mobile apps, web portal and use of additional technologies.

Telemedicine or the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients is done using telecommunications as the primary mode of interaction. Patients can access and seek expert medical care with doctors remotely, while medics can provide prescriptions faster. At the same time, it results in savings as it cuts down the need to travel for treatment. Telemedicine is a boon for patients who want access to good healthcare or specialized consultation from distant places. In urban areas, doctors and patients are often too busy to see each other regularly.

Mobile health clinics and industrial health providers rely on telemedicine to respond unpredictable health problems.

As an expert in VoIP, StarTele Logic is able to develop video and voice calling applications that integrate unique processes of the healthcare industry to create wholesome apps. These applications can combine various functionalities and features depending on the requirements.

Encryption development Services

We develop fully Encrypted native mobile, web and hybrid applications for Windows, Android and iOS devices.

As an expert in VoIP

We know the complexities of building Audio, Video and Chat along involvement uses using marketable platforms and open source communication libraries for building portable applications.

Integrate unique processes

We are extremely skilled in User Experience (UX) strategy, and domain-specific development well aligned to the requisite business processes.

A good telemedicine application allows you to provide medical care from your fingertips. If you aim to provide such a service to reach out globally, please contact our healthcare technology experts for developing a world class telemedicine solution for you.

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  • DNA in VoIP industry
  • Flexible engagement models

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