Kamailio Development

Kamailio Project aims to be a collaborative environment of its users to
develop secure and extensible SIP server to provide modern Unified Communication and VoIP services.

Kamailio (formerly OpenSER) is an Open Source SIP Server and can handle thousands of call setups per second. The key features include available with Kamailio include asynchronous TCP, UDP and SCTP, secure communication via TLS for VoIP (voice, video), SIMPLE instant messaging and presence, ENUM, least cost routing, load balancing, routing fail-over, accounting, authentication and authorization against MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, Radius, LDAP, XMLRPC control interface, SNMP monitoring.

Kamailio isusedin building larger VoIP servicing platforms or for scalingof SIP-to-PSTN gateways, PBX systems or media servers like Asteriskâ„¢, FreeSWITCHâ„¢ or SEMS.

StarTele Logic provides professional turnkey solutions for Kamailio Development, Customization & execution services to clients ranging from small to large enterprises across the globe. Our Kamailio service ensures ideal performance, incredible flexibility in setting up features that are perfect for carriers, call centers and enterprises.

Some key factors

  • SIP Server for - Registrar, Proxy, Redirect, Application, Location
  • Modular architecture
  • Carrier routing
  • NAT traversal system
  • RADIUS and database integration
  • AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting)
  • Topology hiding
  • Least cost routing
  • Load balancing
  • Failover
  • SIP over UDP/TCP/SCTP/TLS and IPv4/IPv6

Benefits of Kamailio Solution

  • Secure communications
  • Highly scalable
  • Geological redundancy
  • Robust, Flexible, Secure & Scalable SIP Development
  • Increase the Performance

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