We constantly innovate and keep up with latest mobile technologies to exceed client’s expectations.

Mobile software development can simplify life for medical practitioners. It has proven to be a boon in many cases by working as a bridge that can connect specialists to one another or even allow them to treat people in remote areas.

Task-oriented move towards.

To deliver easy-to-use mobile solution, we give an exceptional interest to each app’s function. We build tailored solution to assist organization fulfil assignments extra professionally.

Intelligible UI/UX intend.

As healthcare apps company, we craft elaborated UX patterns. Thankfulness to a comprehensive edge and silky navigation, your workforce will achieve the essential tasks without leaving through multiple screens, which is exhausting and lengthy.

Incorporation with numerous inside systems.

To get extra worth towards your organization, we construct the mobile application a gateway to erstwhile solutions within infrastructure, including EHR, practice management, scheduling, revenue cycle management and previous systems.

Our expertise lies in integrating VoIP capabilities into a video calls to make it easier to interact with the doctors and patients. Doctors can manage patient appointments; and research for medications through mobile application with secure communication

The right healthcare software allows you to create applications that make consulting, treatment easy through custom software services. This saves time for practitioners as well as patients and healthcare professionals require today are clean and easy-to-use applications they can access on the go.

StarTele Logic creates a mix of technologies to develop applications that work for all aspects of the healthcare industry such as insurance, biomedical technology, healthcare application vendors, pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies.

A healthcare application can be used to maintain electronic health records, manage appointments, unite medical devices with end communication systems etc. Over the years, StarTele Logic has worked with many hospitals, healthcare providers, and private companies to develop the applications for the iOS and Android platforms. If you are looking to enhance your healthcare business for improved and faster services, please contact us today.

We partnered with StarTele Logic to build a patient portal and apps that would enhance the patient experience and streamline communications between the practice and the patient. During the project, StarTele Logic displayed a high degree of professionalism and knowledge to help us achieve our objectives on time and within budget. There was a true spirit and partnership throughout the project and because of their dedication and hard work, the project was a success. -- Chief Technology Officer Independent Software Vendor, New Delhi India

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