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Unified Communications as a Service
UCaaS and Remote Work

UCaaS and Remote Work – An Improved Employee Experience Worldwide.

2020 was a year of so many changes. We were faced with a global pandemic, entire cities went under complete lockdown, and we were forced to turn our homes into offices. Not an easy thing to do. Particularly when all of this happened overnight. If times were different, working from home would realistically be unimaginable, but thankfully, digital technology had us covered. We live in an age where people connect instantaneously over the internet anytime, anywhere.

UCaaS or Unified Communications as a Service gives businesses a brilliant opportunity to expand their connectivity through a common cloud-based platform to as many people as they want. This has been a huge asset since work shifted away from physical offices to people’s homes. In fact, for every mid to large-scale company, UCaaS has been a critical element in successfully making the shift to remote work.

UCaaS is essential for many reasons

The biggest challenge companies came across in the transition to work from home was keeping the integrity of their institution intact. This meant as few lapses in the workflow as possible, keeping the conversation between the entire team going, and keeping the work secure from invasion or leaks. UCaaS not only addressed these problems but one-upped them by turning the status quo much more convenient than ever.

This November, Gartner released its latest Magic Quadrant for the Unified Communications as a Service space (worldwide). According to Gartner, UCaaS providers develop, operate, and manage multi-tenant cloud-based UC services, which are more cost-efficient for customers than on-premises options.


Gartner also noted that by 2022, 74% of organizations will move around 5% of their typically on-site workers into permanent remote working positions, making cloud solutions more crucial. Additionally, by 2023, 50% of large companies will connect with cloud providers using WAN direct cloud connectivity. What’s more, Gartner believes that by 2024, 74% of new UC licenses will be cloud-based, an increase from 48% in 2019.


UCaaS improves the flexibility of a company by keeping everybody connected virtually. Homes become cubicles, video calls become conference rooms, and instant messengers become the water cooler. Through UCaaS, businesses can set up AI and automation tools to perform meager tasks, which, otherwise, take up valuable employee time and energy. Also, the technology makes it viable for the employer to hold on to staff members and add more from the next door or somewhere remote without immigration formalities.

All the information is gathered in one place, making it easier to store and access data. Anyone can browse through the database with just a few clicks from wherever they want. Since the data is also backed by secured servers, there is very little risk of an information leak. UCaaS can also deliver extra protection by setting up a VPN for employees, adding more to its credibility as a work-from-home essential.

Adopting UCaaS is embracing the future

It does not matter for how long the COVID-19 pandemic will be there. The truth is work from home is here to stay. Companies are realizing that the new format is more efficient, cost-effective, and malleable than a traditional office, and therefore more practical. Even employees are not shying away from supporting remote work in the long run. After all, why should they? The ball keeps rolling without interference.

UCaaS has made the office experience much more appealing for both employees and the employer. What is even better about UCaaS is the fact that it can keep adding new technology to its portfolio and keep evolving its current one. So, companies are really staying up-to-date with the future.

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