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Barista Pepper Artificial Intelligence Goes Beyond Novelty

An Artificial Intelligence creation which goes beyond novelty in customer service and is by no means froth when it comes to business

It’s been reckoned that about one third of large companies globally are using Artificial Intelligence as part of their marketing mechanics. The main goal of AI in this area is one of anticipating what customers will be buying in the short, medium and longer term – allowing special packages and promotions to be tailored to specific trends, on and offline.

Improved Media Advertising Placement

It also has the obvious advantages of improving media advertising placement, monitoring social media platforms and analysing brand loyalty. In essence, a strategy for informing what the buyer wants and when, which can enable dynamic pricing whilst at the same time vastly improving the automation of in-store or department selling function.

AI is allowing clearer visibility into not only the retail sector, but is making its impact felt in the banking and telecom industries.

‘Pepper’ the humanoid barista

Giant beverage and confectionery company Nestlé has been making headlines by using a humanoid robot at electrical appliances stores across Japan. Called Pepper, ‘he’ is the first robot in the world able to read and respond to human emotion. Besides using the latest voice recognition technology to determine the customer’s coffee preferences, Pepper is also able to read people’s facial expressions and listen to their tone of voice to analyse how they’re feeling. See

Another sector where AI is establishing credence is online media buying as its automating what has become a labour intensive business – the ‘too many fingers in the pie’ scenario – which has become vulnerable to various aspects of fraud.

Enhanced Customer Experience

However, as exampled by our robot barista, its greatest gains will be in the domain of customer experience. Across new and enticing platforms, consumers will be able to interact with companies and brands maybe hitherto unknown to them and this is being facilitated in the most part by enhanced Digital Software & Solutions platforms, with AI being incorporated into an increasing range of applications. All of this is making it easier for marketing gurus in the retail, the banking and the telecoms businesses to take advantage of this advanced technology.

Faster Digitization at Banks with AI

AI will help telcos anticipate future customer purchases and automatically present consumers with highly-relevant offers and opportunities that cement their relationship. Banks that harness AI will gain the advantage of faster digitization and provide customers with cross-channel, targeted, on-time products and services.

AI will help multi-channel retailers deliver a seamless brand experience spanning both the virtual and real worlds, bridging the two in the eyes of the consumer across all channels.

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