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Influence the power of the data you build up to your advantage with StarTele Logic’ end-to-end Big Data Solutions and Services.

Big Data is a technological revolution that offers huge opportunities but also introduces unique challenges. Such an inflow of unlimited information has the ability to transform the business landscape.

However, it takes extra effort to navigate this data to use it well. Enterprises are continually dealing with Big Data essentials like converting huge volumes of data and organizing customer insights to drive their companies into the future. To solve all of this, they need easy access to massive volumes of data, which will help to generate better business outcomes.

StarTeleLogic develops robust and scalable services that make it easy for businesses to develop and set-up enterprise Big Data applications. Whether you want real-time analytics on multi-source streaming data, or a scalable NoSQL database- our big data services, you can explore, evaluate, navigate and track all your data on the go.

Big Data Analytics include

Big Data Technology Strategy

Our passion is to provide you with the most excellent Big Data solutions and services, which can facilitate you re-imagine your company.

Unmatched speed and flexibility

Data-driven predictability will be the source for the new viable advantage, where predictability becomes the driver for costs and profits.

StarTele Logic Advantage

We evaluate the business and economic benefits of utilizing your organizations’ stats to progress and haste up execution and attain key business details

You can store, manage and analyze data across various sources and provide it to data scientists, business analysts, and IT users at the same time.

Big Data services at StarTeleLogic address the increasing demand for a unified architecture of integration, analytics and management to meet demanding business requirements.

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Some key factors

  • Analytics Strategy and Design
  • Analytical Model Concept and Deployment
  • Analytics Proof of Concept
  • Business Process Analytics
  • Analytical Operational Support

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