Today Live.Me come-up with live streaming platform to offer better, stable and enhanced experience to gaming industries.

These new trends and new innovations show a good sign to WebRTC based larger platforms applications development companies.

Webrtc and AppRTC gives fresh blood to game platform and mobile apps development companies which are currently facing biggest challenges and lack of innovations.

As Fluxr is backed platform which is developed on webrtc and hosted on AWS with network load balancers and fall over to a classic client/server model with WebRTC for one to many broadcasting, while webrtc still help to keep the advantages of very low latency.

“Twitch is a live streaming video platform owned by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Amazon”

The best thing is about http-based streaming like HLS and making it extremely scalable and this is the way most CDNs operate to deliver quality of experiences to gaming platforms. The WebRTC has its benefits to operate in low latency.

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